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Biofood helps schools and parents to control and promote healthy nutrition habits for students and staff, improve cafeterias processes and reduce food waste.

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What are the Benefits of Biofood?

Biofood gives plenty of benefits and advantages to the three keys areas inside every school.



  • Eliminate the cash inside the schools.
  • Biometric Control for users.
  • Lessen the time at lunch/break line and speed up cafeteria transactions and processes.
  • Optimize meal preparation and reduce food waste.
  • Control inventory and Keep track of the results using analytics reports for sales, payments and transactions.


  • Manage and Control products that children eat. Block products that children cannot eat.
  • Improve and promote healthy nutritional habits.
  • Prevent Health Problems.
  • Optimize Financial Resources for the family.
  • Give parents calm about what their children are eating and how they spend the money.


  • Web-Based Platform Simple and Easy to use.
  • Easy pick up without big lines pre-ordering their food.
  • Speed up lines during break / lunch.
  • Know precise food nutritional information in every product they buy.
  • Students can double check what they were charged for using reports.

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Optimize meal preparation and reduce food waste.

Control inventory, raw material, recipes and meal preparation for break/lunch.

Online Payment with different payment methods.

Eliminate cash in cafeterias; users can charge their accounts using debit or credit card.

Implementing Self-Service Point-of-Sale.

Use our Self-Service Point-of-Sale to speed up the sale process, save resources and improve the customer service for students and staff members.


Mobile App for online orders.

With Biofood App you can now claim the products in the cafeteria by means of a QR code.

Incredible Features

Nutritional Control

Manage nutritional tables per product, weights per age range and connection with the production module.

Multiple Identification Systems

Identify users in the school using RFID, QR Code, Bar code, Biometrics, Name and User ID.

Online Payments

Users can charge their accounts online with different payment methods such as debit card, credit card and bank entities.


Control and review the most relevant information with statistics and graphs about sales, accounts states, inventory and more!

Inventory / Production

A fully inventory system that allows minimum stocks, daily reports, delivery control, recipes, raw material, purchases list and meal production

ERP Integration

Integrate Biofood transactions with any accounting software using plain text files or web services.

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